Wetsuit Heater

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When designing a wetsuit heater, I had a few “must have’s” in mind.  I wanted it to be portable, self-contained and on demand.  I ended up utilizing the Triton Hot Water Heater.

What a setup!  I used this yesterday while dredging underwater in the mountains.  The river was cold, the air temp wasn’t too bad; but what a system this is as a wetsuit heater.

I just unloaded it out of the truck, threw it together, wheeled it to the side of the river, plugged it in and I was off.  Warm as I wanted to be… I put the 1/2 inch hose down the front of my wet suit and had the ball valve right in front of me.  It seemed like I could flip the valve to on for three or four minutes, then shut it off for twenty minutes or so; then back on, etc… I wasn’t trying to save propane, it was just the most comfortable.

I wont ever use anything else for a wetsuit heater; this thing is it!  When dredging for gold, you want to be as safe and comfortable as possible; with this unit’s ability to automatically shut off when there is no water source, I didn’t have to worry about the water getting too hot.

If the water source is shut off for whatever reason, the heater is designed to shut off as well.

I know I’ll use this for more than just a wetsuit heater; take dirt camping for example… About the second day of camping, I start to get a bit ripe.  Time for a shower; now I’ll just re-circulate the water in a 15 gallon tub and take a hot shower anytime.

I’ve heard the expression, “everything but the kitchen sink”; well, this thing even does the dishes!